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How to Make an Instagram Poll?

Pose questions to your supporters that they should respond to.

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The most noticeable ways to connect with your Instagram followers are favorites, tweets, direct messages, and stories. Polls are also a perfect (and hopefully entertaining) way for your fans to interact with your feed.

You can make polls using two Instagram features. In an Instagram story or a direct message, you can create a poll.

You should only build Instagram polling on the official Instagram mobile app, not on, so full support for the stories and direct message functions is only accessible on the app.

How to Create an Instagram Story Poll?

Instagram stories are candid images or short videos that encourage you to share what you've been up to with your following at the moment. When you write a new post, it appears like a bubble at the top of your followers' home tabs and then vanishes after 24 hours.

1. Open the Instagram app on your iOS or Android smartphone and sign in or move to the account you choose to use, if appropriate.

2. Swipe right on the screen from the home feed to enter the story camera page or pick the Story profile photo bubble at the top of the home feed.

3. Build your story by taking a snapshot or filming a video. Using filters, stickers, and editing effects to make the story as special as you want it to be.

4. Click the sticker button at the top of the page from the story summary tab.

5. Pick the Survey sticker from the drop-down menu.

6. In the Ask a question... area, type a question you'd like to ask your followers.

It can be a yes/no question (which is the poll's default answer) or a question with two separate choices (for example, black/white, hot/cold, today/tomorrow, on/off, and so on).

7. Pick the Yes button and enter your preferred answer in the field if you'd like to configure your two poll responses. Carry out the same operation with the No button.

8. Pick Done in the top right corner when you're through with your poll.

9. Your poll will be shown on top of your story. You can drag it across your computer by clicking it and holding your finger on it, or pinch two fingers on it and drag them outward or inward to adjust the position.

10. When you're satisfied with how your poll looks on your story, go to the bottom of the screen and pick Your Story to post it to your stories, Close Friends to share it only with the people you've selected as your closest friends in the app, or Send To send it to friends.

In Instagram Direct Messages, here's how to make a poll.

Direct messages on Instagram are private messages that you can send and receive from users you support and who follow you back. Individuals or organizations may have direct message communications.

Instagram is an app that lets you upload images and videos. Click the notifications button (which looks like a paper airplane) in the top right corner of the home feed to enter your direct message inbox.

To launch a new post, press the pencil icon in the top right corner and pick your recipient(s). Optionally, you can begin the discussion by choosing a current post.

Selecting the camera icon beside every current message in your inbox is an even easier way to deliver a poll as a direct message. This removes the need to first open the message conversation.

To pull up the camera tab in a new or current message chat, click the blue camera button in the message field at the right.

For your post, take a picture or film a video. Add a filter, filters, edits, or something else you want to your picture or video message to make it your own.

Pick the sticker button at the top of the page from the photo/video message preview.

Choose the Survey sticker from the chart.

In the Ask a question area, type a question you'd like to ask your message recipient(s). You may pose it as a yes/no question or as a question with two distinct custom responses.

Pick the YES button and enter your answer in the field to configure your two poll responses. Replace the YES button with the NO button and repeat the process.

Pick Completed in the upper right corner until you've finished building your poll.

Your poll will be shown on top of your picture or video post. Pick it and drag it across the screen with two fingers, or pinch two fingers and drag them outward or inward to adjust the scale.

Pick Done in the top right corner when you're done.

By definition, direct messages can be recapped, but you can adjust this to only view them once by clicking VIEW ONCE at the bottom of the page. Pick Stay IN CHAT if you want to keep the post in the chat forever so it doesn't vanish.

Set the message to Make REPLAY or Hold IN CHAT if you want to give your recipients sometime to consider their answer.

To submit your photo/video post, pick the buddy or friends profile picture bubble throughout the bottom center of the phone, or select Send to Others and select people from the list to send it to.

When to Use Direct Message Polling vs. Story Polls

Which of the two choices for conducting polls on Instagram do you choose? And when is that going to happen? Here are few suggestions:

WHEN TO USE STORY POLLS: If you have a broad audience that you want to keep involved. You've posed a broad question that can be extended to everyone.

You want to hear more about what your fans want and hate about the content you share.

WHEN YOU Would Like To get Input FROM A SMALLER GROUP OF FRIENDS Rather than a large group of people, USE DIRECT MESSAGE Polling.

Your question is very basic and only extends to a small number of users.

You don't want to overburden your fans with so much story material and neglect them as a result.


You can use instagram story viewer for searching various people's profiles and then gathering content for yours. This can be very simple if you use for this task. Search the respective profiles using their username or hashtags without even knowing them.

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