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One of the incredibly important applications you may well have heard is Instagram and its most important feature is the everyday stories we post. For your IG game, regularly commenting on Stories is more valuable than your general feed, IGTV, and going Online. About why?

  1.  The simplest to make.

All you have to do is open the camera for Instagram stories and take a snap, video, boomerang, or whatever sort of style of content you want. Only record it there and throw it away.

Since they are super easy to make, aspirations are lowered. With flawless lighting, music, editing, transitions, names, makeup, and scripting, no one expects highly qualified content.

  1. The actual yourself.

People want you to be a storyteller. This dramatically increases the likelihood of increasing your channel/power/effect as individuals get to know, like, and trust YOU.

And it is far better to be the real you than to pretend to be the flawless picture of yourself on this artificial social network.

  1.  The impact of availability.

The stories are just 24 hours long. Meaning, when they know (they are freaking programmed to know!) that content only lasts for one day, the audience is extremely likely to engage with your content regularly.

  1.  Entertaining.

You may be a photographer and you enjoy Photoshop, so perhaps the feeds are the funniest thing for you. Or you may be a YouTuber, so IGTV likes you. Or it may be that you got your start on Periscope, so you feel more relaxed with Instagram Live. But for most, I think, the opportunity to create short-form video content easily and creatively is the craziest fun of the 4 forms of current IG content available.

  1.  Incredibly entertaining.

Stories are no wonder, far more entertaining piece of Instagram Site. People are much more likely to experience more stories than view the posts.

That ensures that you can serve more users, build stronger partnerships, and connect with even more fans on Stories every day than on your feed.

Now, what you have to bear in mind is that different kinds of content are desired by everyone's viewer. The lesson here is to communicate (poll them) with your viewers and ask about what sort of material they want! Do some research and analytics to figure out what sorts of posts perform well for you.

  1. Part of your business

For just a few years, Instagram Stories have been around, but they have already achieved immense fame, loved by more than 400 million daily users. The entire premise can be pretty overwhelming if you have never used this feature before.

There are now a huge number of organizations leveraging the power of Instagram Stories for marketing purposes and sharing daily does not have to be a hassle until you get the hang of it.

So, why do you use Stories for your company?

People love the function, to begin with, and it can be very effective. Since the launch of stories, the total time spent by users on Instagram is 28 minutes, with over one-third of them watching stories every day. Studies suggest that 20% of stories shared by an organization result in direct user engagement.

You can gain extra features if you have over 10,000 followers on your Instagram account. The opportunity to post links on a story so people can go right where you want them to go is one of the most popular of them.

An increasing theme is Live Instagram Posts. That is mostly because customers tend to be drawn to live broadcasts. This means that activities will be live-streamed, Q&A sessions held, etc.

There is normally less planning involved in making stories, since without being invasive, you can upload as much as you want, and people can choose whether or not to watch them. Plus, because after 24 hours the post will vanish, you do not have to think about getting it quite so polished.

The Instagram Stories function is used by over 50 percent of organizations using Instagram, so it is about time that they do the same.

Instagram Stories provide tremendous marketing opportunities for organizations of all sizes, taking into account the figures quoted in the infographic below. It will help you attract a larger audience, promote your brand, generate hype, and keep your company up-to-date and engaging. Not to mention the fact that social interaction will carry you to a whole new stage.

To view more stories offline and get ideas about which type of content are people posting to engage their followers, visit instagram viewer and note down all the ideas and even save the Instagram stories and posts offline to your phone’s gallery.


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