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Methods to Save and Download Instagram Images, Videos & Stories

Save and Download Instagram Stories, Posts and Videos

After 24 hours, the Instagram stories vanish.

And if you don't save them or archive them, you'll end up losing all the hard work you've put into making your lovely Instagram tale.

To stop this, and make sure you never lose an Instagram post, here are a few ways that you can use to save your Instagram stories.

5 methods to save and download Instagram stories:

· Save stories in a web-based app

· Archive stories in your Instagram app

· Manually download specific stories in your Camera roll

· Save stories in ‘Highlights’

· Share story as a post

· Bonus: Download Instagram videos

Let’s break down each of these methods and how to use story downloader tools in practice:

1. Download posts and stories in a web-based app

If you want to make sure that your Instagram stories and posts are stored in a web-based app and available whenever you want to see, we recommend that you try InstaStory. It's a professional Instagram web viewer and stories app that can automatically download and save Instagram posts and stories.

Here are the benefits that InstaStory provide:

· Save all elements of the Instagram, such as photos, stories and videos

· Create a gallery from multiple Instagram photo stories

· Embed and display your Instagram posts and stories on any website

· Archive and save IG stories from multiple Instagram accounts that you manage

And here's a step-by - step guide on how to use as your Instagram Post and Story downloader and store all of your Instagram posts and stories in a web-based app:

· Go to Web Browser and search

· Type the username in the search bar and view instagram posts, videos and story.

· Click on the Download button. - Browse Instagram content without logging in.
2. Archive stories in your Instagram app

This is a great option provided as a setting in your Instagram app.

It allows you to activate an Archive button that will store all stories you publish on Instagram.

To active this option follows the steps below:

· Open your Instagram account and click on the ‘Settings icon’

· Click on ‘Story Settings

· In the ‘Saving‘ section activate the options ‘Save to Archive‘ (Android) or ‘Save to Camera Roll‘ (iOS)

To access this section and view the saved stories, follow the steps below:

· Open your Instagram account and click on the ‘Archive icon’

· The Archive screen will pop up where you will find all stories categorized by date

Now your Instagram stories are saved forever in your Instagram account

Download Instagram videos on iPhone

· Open Safari and go to StorySaver to download Instagram videos.

· Go to Instagram and choose a public video and tap on the “three dots” in the top right corner to copy the video URL

· Go back to Safari to and enter the Instagram video URL in the search box and hit Download

· Scroll down to see the video and hit “Save as video”

· Safari will ask if you want to download the video and press “Download”

· On your iPhone go to “Files> Downloads” and click on the video

· Tap on the bottom left corner icon and chose “Save Video,” and the video will appear in your “Photos” app

To learn more about instagram downloader and web viewer, visit website.

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